It is always a good idea to protect a post with a postcap. A postcap ensure a longer life for the post and also improves the appearance in a fence or terrace.


Junox Classic-postcaps are really stylish and good looking! They are manufactured in 0.7mm zinc-coated metal sheeting and are extra durable. Postcaps are also available painted white or in copper. Web-shop.




Our postcaps are suitable for posts of different sizes – we provide three different sizes for posts 75-150mm. Check the table to help you select the right size. Take a look at the picture gallery to see various ways of using postcaps.


Classic postcaps are available in well-stocked timber merchants and hardware stores and at the manufacturer’s net shop, with service in the main European languages.


The Junox Classic postcap - Fine for your fence.
Good-looking and stylish on all post sizes. Order now!